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Can you guess why this girl has ‘unnaturally long legs’ in this picture?

An image of a little girl is the latest optical illusion keeping people busy. Shared on social media, the picture features a girl standing in an open space which appears to be a field. What baffled people in this otherwise unassuming picture, are the girl’s legs – they appear to be unnaturally long and thin. Shared on Facebook and Reddit by different users, the image has created quite a stir. Also, the captions dropped by most reveal that the image left them confused for a long time.

Take a look at the picture which has baffled many:

At first glance it seems that the little girl’s legs are unbelievably long and thin. However, it’s actually an optical illusion created by a transparent packet of popcorn that she is holding. The colour of the popcorn blends with the background of the image and creates an illusion.

Several people commented on the posts. Many confessed that the image left them stumped. Some wrote they had to go through the comments section to spot the bag of popcorn. “This got me. I felt so sad, then I laughed out loud,” wrote a Facebook user. “Oh my goodness, I was thinking she is so thin...... and her boot came off...... took me a good two minutes, LOL,” commented another. “Wow,what a trip,” wrote a third.